29 12 2013

Started packing my room for the move. I know it’s a bit early, but since I’m in the mood for it, why not??

I have a box that I kept all stuff that are meant to be momentos of different stages of my life. Was going through the box and found stuff that I forgot I had them… Haha… My old recorded diaries, my letters-diary… Memories…



6 05 2013

不成功的 chocolate cupcake… Hahaha…


This is heaven

21 10 2012


3 06 2012


Cute right?! This is my farewell gift from dear friends from MVI. So sweet of them to get it for me after knowing that I love bears from Craftholic 🙂

I’m planning to buy a giant one for myself… Like the one Wendy is hugging!


丸 Maru

3 06 2012


This is my bunny, 丸 (Maru). Yup, you heard it right, I have a bunny. Haha… Even I couldn’t believe it, I’m actually having a pet! The first one in 32 years… Jon said it’s a single old woman syndrome… Haha… Maybe!

So what happens was… I walked by a pet shop, fell in love with the black bunny inside, went home and googled for bunny breeders and the next thing I know, I bought it!

‘Maru’ means round in Japanese, and obviously I gave it this name because it reminds me of a ball, a furry ball to be exact. Maru is a Netherlands Dwarf, 7 weeks old now, weighing about 300g and 20cm ‘tall’. I still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, the breeder said its too young to tell. I’m praying that it’s a boy… Hehe… The breeder also said its color is chocolate martini – means its chocolate with a stripe of white down the front of its body. But somehow, Maru looks grey to me, charcoal grey. But it does have white on some parts of its body – below the nose, chin, tummy, back of the neck…. My favorite part is its perky black nose and the small pink ears, so cute! The only thing that I don’t really like, is the maroon eyes, looks scary if you stare into them long enough.

Today, I let Maru roamed around the room freely. You can so tell that it is so happy, hopping and sprinting around, exploring the place. It even did a couple of ‘binkies’! According to Wikipedia, that means its happy 🙂 I think I should start letting it every day, it will really love the freedom and the space 🙂



2 05 2012




25 03 2012



伍思凯是我的第一位偶像。我生平中的第一卷卡带,就是他的"爱的过火"。那时我12岁,是20年前的事了!今天晚上,我就象和他一起唱了3小时的KTV。每一首都那么动听、感动。他说他对于做音乐有洁癖,一切要求尽善尽美。就因为他对自己严格的要求,今晚的演出才会那么完美。。。两次的encore, 真的很过瘾!very powerful voice, 唱现场就象听CD一样,真的让人听出耳油。。。